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Industry News » 2018 FSHOW Conference-One Belt One Road Fertilizer Cooperation and Biostimulants forum

2018 FSHOW Conference--International Fertilizer Development and Trade Conference

Tuesday 6th March, 2018


Two parallel forums:

1. One Belt One Road Fertilizer Trade And Cooperation Forum

2. Global Biostimulants Development And Its Applications In Fertilizers Innovation Forum

Agriculture modernization is one of the important targets for the next decade in China. Two of the most urgent problems need to be solved are improving agricultural ecological environment and improving the quality of cultivated land. Fertilizers take the important role in this solving process.


At present, traditional NPK fertilizer varieties are all in readiness, but the development of efficient and special fertilizers lag behind to meet the needs of the modern agriculture, such as requirements need for balanced fertilization, formula fertilization by soil testing, mechanized fertilization and fertigation application. It is of top priority to improve the quality and to adjust the product structure of fertilizers in China.


The Ministry of Agriculture of China released the zero-growth of chemical fertilizer plan. According to the plan, the target is to keep the annual increase rate of fertilizer utilization into 1% until 2020 and keep zero-growth since 2020. In order to achieve the target, the fertilizer structure needs to be optimized, the methods of manuring need to be improved and the utility ratio of fertilizers needs to be increased. It’s only less than three years until the deadline and it’s very urgent to promote the new technology and the utilization of organic fertilizers. At this very moment, fertilizer experts and manufacturers gather together to deliberate the development of China fertilizer industry to meet the requirement of the zero-growth of chemical fertilizer plan.

 Theme Forum (9:00-12:00, 6th March, 2018)

1.       The Supply Side Reform and Transition of China Fertilizer Industry

           Mr. Li Shousheng, Chairman of  China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

2.       The Fertilizer Industry in Belt and Road Regions and the Development of Future Agriculture

           Prof Xu Xiucheng, Zhengzhou University

3.       The Statues and Strategic Development of China Bio-stimulants

           Mr. Gao Xiangzhao, Chief Expert, Agriculture Technology Promotion Center, Ministry of Agriculture

4.       The Potash fertilizer industry situation in China and expection in 2018
          Mr. Wang Xiaofeng,  Chairman of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association

5.       The Fertilization in Protected Agriculture and its Revelation on Fertilizer Development

          Mr. Tian Duanhua, Dean of Shandong Modern Agriculture Science Institute

6.       The Development and International Trade of Organic Fertilizer

          Mr.Shen JIanhua, Organic Fertilizer Division China Agricultural Material Circulation Association

7.       The Utilization of Bio-stimulants in Functional Fertilizers

           Prof Chen Qing, China Agricultural University 



Sub-forum I: One Belt and Road Initiative (13:30-18:30, 6th March, 2018)

        1.       The Forecast of New Fertilizer Market in Asia Pacific Regions

          Ms. Wang Ling, China Representative, Integer

2.       The Practice and Opportunity of Agriculture Enterprise in Belt and Road Strategy

          Dr. Chen Yuguang, Senior Consultant of Zhejiang Agriculture Investment Development Chamber 
           of Commerce, President of Techpower Technology Co., Ltd

3.       Vietnam Plantation and its Need on Fertilizers

          Mr. Pham Minh Lan, Manager Division of Fertilizer Management, Plant Protection Department, 

          Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

4.       The Application of Fertilizers in Iran and other Middle East Countries

           Prof Majeed Askar, Crop Protection Academy, University of Tehran       

5.       The Fruit Plantation in the Philippines and its Need for Fertilizers

          Mr. Wilfredo C. Roldan, FPA, Philippines

6.       The Plantation of Palm and the Implementation of Fertilizers in Malaysia

           Dr. Mohd Fauzi Ramlan, Office of the President University Putra Malaysia

7.       The Development of Industrialized Agriculture and Fertilizer Management in the USA

           Dr.Randy Madden, Founder and CEO of Madden Farm Inc.

8.       The Analysis of Pakistan Fertilizer Market and the Usage of New Fertilizers

          Dr. Azher Ali, Four Brothers Group, Pakistan

9.       Specility Fertilizer application in Russia and future Development

          Mr. Fedotov Konstantin, General Manager, Avangard Company, Russia


Sub-forum II: Bio-stimulants (13:30-18:30, 6th March, 2018)


1.        The Function of Bio-stimulants and Fertilizer Enhancer

           Dr. Wang Yue, Chief Expert of China Bio-stimulants Development Union

2.       The Development and Application of Compound Microorganism Bacterium Agent

          Prof Chen Jie, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

3.       High-tech Courtyard and Agricultural Technology Service

           Prof Li Xiaolin, China Agriculture University

4.       The Test Data and Result of Humic Acid, Seaweed Extract and Microorganism Combination

           Prof Tang Jianwei, Director of National Research and Promotion Center of Calcium Magnesium,

           Phosphor Compound Fertilizer

5.       The Research on Plant Growth and Stress Response Mechanism

          Prof Shen Yuanyue, Beijing Agriculture University          

6.       Measured soil fertilizer and Compound Synergistic Technology application
          Prof Bai Youlu, Director of China Plant and Nutrition Society           

7.       Seaweed sourced Biostimulants application in function water soluble fertilizer
           Prof Shen Hong, South China Agriculture University

8.       The R&D of Other Bio-stimulants Products




1. The Forecast of Fertilizer International Trade

2. The Cooperation in Fertilizer Industry among “One Belt and Road Initiative” Countries

3. Discussion on the R&D of Bio-stimulants

4. The Combination of Bio-stimulants and Traditional Fertilizers

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