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Industry News » China import of chemical fertilizer quantity will drop!
    China's import of chemical fertilizer quantity will drop!
    Sourcing from China fertilizer network   2016-11-29   

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced the 2017 fertilizer import tariff quotas, distribution principles and related procedures. 2017 fertilizer import tariff quota of 13 million 650 thousand tons, consistent with the basic in 2016. Among them, 3 million 300 thousand tons of urea phosphate; 6 million 900 thousand tons; 3 million 450 thousand tons of compound fertilizer. At the same time, Chinese customs statistics data show that the first three quarters, the number of China's imported fertilizer is reduced, fell 25%, in addition, the import price of fertilizer is diving, with the rise of domestic high-end imported fertilizer, fertilizer market space will be further compressed. Recently, fertilizer raw material prices soared, many manufacturers have already been making price measures, with the arrival of winter storage of chemical fertilizer, fertilizer market trend is whirling.

Quota first come first collar, the new application for enterprise start quota of 2000 tons

2017 fertilizer import tariff quotas to be carried out first to get the distribution of the first, until the fertilizer import tariff quotas to apply for completion. Among them, the number of chemical fertilizer state-run trade tariff quotas are: 2 million 970 thousand tons of urea, diammonium phosphate 3 million 520 thousand tons, 1 million 760 thousand tons of compound fertilizer. State trading enterprises, China Sinochem Group Corp, China agricultural production materials Group Corporation in the total amount of state trading for the application of tariff quotas. The number of non state-run trade quotas were: 330 thousand tons of urea, diammonium phosphate 3 million 380 thousand tons, 1 million 690 thousand tons of compound fertilizer.

The use of import quota for each fertilizer variety is not the same. Because our country is urea producing countries, domestic urea prices have been very competitive, therefore, 3 million 300 thousand tons of urea import tariff quotas are not finished, according to insiders, in recent years, China's chemical fertilizer imports mainly has two varieties: one is potassium chloride, two compound fertilizer is three yuan. China is a country of potassium deficiency, its lack of potassium, need a large number of imports from abroad, while imports of compound fertilizer use is mainly in the south area of economic crops.

The amount of imported fertilizer before the three season to drop 25%, prices are still dropping

China Customs data show that in 2016 1-9 China imported mineral fertilizer and fertilizer 5 million 570 thousand tons, compared with the same period last year decreased by 25.1%; imports amounted to 1 billion 740 million U.S. dollars, down 34.7%. For a long time, in the high-end imported fertilizer fertilizer appeared in the domestic market, in recent years, with the rise of the domestic fertilizer enterprises, fertilizer technology is improving, more and more domestic enterprises begin to produce high-end fertilizer and fertilizer, fertilizer import competition, with the domestic high end of fertilizer, fertilizer imports no longer thriving. This year, many of the traditional import fertilizer broke the news, from the side of the import fertilizer market is gradually shrinking.

In addition, in 2015 the annual number of Chinese fertilizer imports was 11 million 160 thousand tons, an increase of 16.5%; in 2015 the amount of China's fertilizer imports was $3 billion 934 million, an increase of 16.8%. At present, the first three quarters of imports less than 6 million tons, in the fourth quarter to import more than 5 million tons of fertilizer in order to catch up with the 2015 full year imports, which is almost impossible event. That is to say, in 2016 the amount of fertilizer imports fell almost inevitable event.

It is pointed out that the use of imported fertilizer is limited, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other coastal areas, due to the large amount of imported fertilizer, the impact on these markets. Many large domestic fertilizer prices are also in the production of high-end fertilizer, with the import of high-end fertilizer competition. Some time ago, a number of well-known import fertilizer brands have lowered prices, a decline of 800 - 500 yuan per ton. Now import fertilizer prices down, do not rule out some domestic high-grade fertilizer prices will continue to decline, and import fertilizer market. Another expert pointed out that this year the number of imported chemical fertilizers, and agricultural prices are closely related, but also the rise of domestic high-end fertilizer products, and gradually to seize the import market. This year, a large number of imported fertilizer reduction, if the fourth quarter is still only a small amount of fertilizer imports, then the current domestic imports are likely to usher in a small climax.

Raw material prices prompted domestic fertilizer prices, or will surge in the number of imported fertilizer

With the arrival of November, the domestic fertilizer gradually into the off-season, the increase of domestic fertilizer sales and mostly from the channel's stockpile. Due to the low price of chemical fertilizers, by the cost increases and other factors, the possibility of a large increase in fertilizer prices next year. Recently, due to rising raw material costs, many manufacturers are difficult to bear the high cost of production, forced to raise the factory price of fertilizer. Coal prices rose sharply, most areas rose as high as 70% or more, in addition, natural gas prices go up 20%, so that a substantial increase in the cost of urea production. Since September 21st, the implementation of the "out of the limit order" makes fertilizer motor transport price increase. Due to rising raw material costs, many manufacturers have to postpone the introduction of winter storage policy, hope and other raw materials prices gradually stabilized to develop specific winter storage prices. In some ways, the price of imported fertilizer has been domestic fertilizer benchmark, imported fertilizer prices, the original domestic fertilizer is likely to be lowered, but the rising cost of raw materials is the domestic fertilizer enterprises have to transfer costs through price increases. In this way, import fertilizer prices, and domestic fertilizer prices, which make the competitiveness of domestic fertilizer has declined.

A Guangdong fertilizer company official said, overall, the domestic fertilizer will have a slight rise in the near future, but this is only happening in a short time, because the overall market downturn and fertilizer overcapacity, domestic fertilizer prices will continue to rise. Insiders said that if China's fertilizer

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